Sr. No. Committee/Stock/ House/Department Incharge/Members in Secondary Incharge/Members in Primary†† Duties
1 Academic Council Mr. Shiv Narayan Sharma,PGT (Hindi), I/C   i) To prepare the list of notebooks for the Academic year
    ii) To ensure the distribution o f split-up syllabus to students of all classes
      iii)To monitor the teaching-learning process
      iii) To monitor the upkeep of CCE documents
      iv) To monitor the conduct of Remedial class for low achievers
2 Examination (Internal) Mr.S.A.Siddiqui, PGT (Bio.)- I/C Mr.Mahesh Kumar, PRT, I/C i) To conduct internal exams as per the schedule given by KVS calendar of activities
  ii) To update the Report cards and Mark list format as per the latest CBSE directions
        iii) To provide CCE registers to various subject teachers.
        iv) To distribute the Timetable for Exam
        v) To collect Question papers from paper setters, along with Blueprint & Marking scheme
        vi) To conduct retest as per KVS norms
        vii) To analyse the Results of internal & Pre-Board Exams
3 CBSE &External Exam Mr. Ravi Kumar Chaudhary, PGT (CS)ĖI/C   CBSE Exam:-i) To correspond with CBSE for all exam related queries
    ii) To monitor the registration of class IX and class XI students for Board exam
  Mr.Pramod Sharma, TGT (Skt)   iii) To verify the details sent to CBSE
      iv) To approach Syndicate Bank for verification of Exam materials sent by CBSE
    Mr.S.A.Siddiqui, PGT (Bio)   v) To plan Seating arrangement as per CBSE guidelines
      vi) To intimate Pvt candidates about Practical Time table
        vii) To inform other schools about the requirement for invigilators for Board exam
        viii) To despatch Answer papers promptly
        viii) To maintain all proformas concerning the conduct of CBSE exams
        ix) A Xerox copy of all documents being sent to CBSE to be maintained
        x) To maintain account of  answer papers & expenditure for conduct of exam in prescribed formats
        External Exam:-
        i) To coordinate with external agencies for conduct of exam
        ii) To keep exam related documents /materials in safe custody
        iii) To arrange for invigilators
        iv) To despatch Answer papers/ OMR sheets promptly to the concerned authority
        v) To settle accounts
        vi) To prepare a schedule of external examinations to be conducted in the Vidyalaya.
        vii) To liaison with such agencies regarding conduct of examinations.
        viii) To receive parcels from such agencies for conducting examinations.
        ix) To prepare the list of invigilators and monitor the conduct of exams.
        x) To coordinate in packing and sending the exam material for evaluation
4 CCA(Internal &External) Mr. Shiv Narayan Sharma, PGT (Hindi)-I/C Mr.Mahesh Kumar, PRT I/C-Jr Internal :-i) To prepare CCA calendar of Activities
  ii)To conduct Co-Curricular Activities
  Mr. Johnny Ahmed , TGT(P & HE), Mrs.Arpana Patil, (Com. Ins.) Cont. iii) To ensure the morning assembly programmes are conducted in stipulated time as per KVS direction
  iv) The items for morning assembly to include programmes suggested by KVS RO
    Mrs.Arpana Patil, (Com. Ins.) Cont.   v) To ensure the quality of the items presented on stage
      vi) To ensure the Assembly Register is updated regularly
        vii) To organise Programmes on Special days
        viii) To ensure maximum participation of students
        ix) To organise Annual Day & distribute CCA prizes
        External :-i) To coordinate with External agencies for conduct of CCA
        ii) To ensure student participation in external competitions
        iii) To intimate parents about the participation of the student and to file the acknowledgement
        iv) To update the student Achievement  list regularly and a soft copy to be forwarded to VP
        v) Achievements to be updated in  the School website
        vi) To collect data for Regional Newsletter.
5 Time Table Mr. Ravi Kumar Chaudhary , PGT (CS) -I/C Mr. Dushyant PRT, I/C i) To prepare the School timetable as per the latest guidelines from KVS
  ii) To make arrangement for teachers on leave & vacant posts
    Mr. B.C.Patar,TGT(AE) Mrs. ArpanaPatil , TGT (Computer Inst.) ,Cont. iii) To maintain a register for teachers to enter the date of leave in advance wherever possible and to ensure it is maintained for smooth functioning of the school activities
    Mrs. ArpanaPatil , TGT (Computer Inst.) ,Cont. iv) To ensure that Teachers attend their arrangement Periods
      v) To monitor the presence of Teachers in all the classes if not to remind teachers
        vi) To make remedial timetable for low achievers
6 Admissions Mr. Ravi Kumar Chaudhary PGT (CS)-I/C Mr. G. Purushodi PRT i) To display notice regarding the sale, registration and submission of Admission forms
    ii) To display forms/Annexure as per KVS guidelines
    Mr. G. Purushodi ,PRT   iii) To get the Admission form & Brochures printed
      iv) Registration , Verification of the Admission forms, preparation of master list, and  admission of students
      v) To give information regarding Registration & Admission to KVS queries
7 Furniture Mr.Pramod Kumar Sharma,TGT(Skt),I/C-Student Furniture   i) To prepare a list of requirements
      ii) To call for quotation in consultation with Principal
    Mr. G. Purushodi, PRT , I/C -Office   iii) To prepare Budget and get approval of concerned Authority
      iv) To prepare Comparative statement and place order for the lowest quoted item as per requirement
        v) To get the old furniture repaired
8 House Keeping and Security Mr. Johnny Ahmed , TGT- (P & HE), - I/C Mr. Mahesh Kumar, PRT i) To monitor the work of House Keeping ladies
  ii) To prepare a list of areas to be cleaned during second Saturdays
    Mr. B.C.Patar,TGT(AE) Mrs. Jaya Hazarika, Sub Staff iii) To maintain the master on Duty Register
    TGT(S.St.) iv) To distribute duty to all the Teachers for the Academic year weekly, GroupWise
      v) To purchase Soap, detergent, Phenyl, Bleaching powder in consultation with UDC
9 Maintenance & Repair Vidyalaya& Quarters †† Mr.J.Ch.Bordoloi,TGT(WE) i) To monitor the repair work in the Vidyalaya
  Mr. S.A. Siddiqui, PGT (Bio.), I/C  ii) To maintain Register of date wise repair work in the Vidyalaya
  Mr.Pramod Kumar Sharma,TGT(Skt)  
10 Beautification & Gardening Mr. B.C.Patar, TGT(AE)-I/C Mrs.Bugmee Baruah PRT, I/C Cont. i) To plan for beautification of the Vidyalaya campus
  ii) To take initiative in decorating the Vidyalaya& Activity Hall during any event organised in the Vidyalaya
      iii) To ensure flower pots are used to decorate the corridors in front of Principalís room during any function in the Vidyalaya& AH room as well, The pots are to be replaced in the garden after the function
      iv) To maintain the  Vermicompost pit
11 Publications Mr.Mahesh Kr. PRT,I/C Mr. Dushyant PRT, I/C i) To encourage students and staff members to contribute articles for the VidyalayaPatrika
    Mr.Rajini Kanta Boro PRT (Music) ii) To design the Cover page by May
    Mrs.Rekha Guleria, PRT Cont. iii) To ensure the VidyalayaPatrika is published in July
    Mrs. Paplee Bordoloi SharmaPGT(Eng), Cont. iv) To design the Student Diary
      v) To prepare the Teachersí Diary
    Mr. P.K. Sharma, TGT (Skt.)    
12 Library Mr. Johnny Ahmed , TGT (P & HE), I/C Mr.Dushyant,PRT i) To purchase books as per KVS guidelines
    ii)  The suggestion from staff members for purchase of new books to be taken
    Mr.Pramod Kr.Sharma,TGT(Skt.) iii) To ensure books are circulated as per the requirement of students & staff members as per Library rules
      iv)Books should not remain with same individual for a long period when there is a demand for it from others
    Mr.J.Ch.Bordoloi,TGT(WE)   v) Library should be open during lunch time for students to read books & magazines
    Students :   Students : vi) Students should be encouraged to write Book Review
    Asish Goala (12th) Abantika Pradhan (12th) vii) Guidance & Counselling corner or table to be maintained
    Tanmaya Mahanta (10th) Udipta Bora (10th) viii) Good quotations related to Books and Reading to be displayed in the Library
13 Grievance Cell Mr.RajaniKantaBaro, PRT(Music), I/C   i) To open the Grievance box on last day of every month
      ii) To list out then suggestion or Grievances made
    Ms.Monika Gupta TGT (Sci.) Cont.   iii) To consult the Principal regarding the course of action
      iv) To inform the concerned individual about the action taken
14 First Aid Mr. Johnny Ahmed , TGT (P & HE), I/C Mr.Mahesh Kumar, PRT,I/C i) To ensure First aid boxes re available at the entrance /reception
    ii) To provide First-aid boxes in all the labs, HMís room, Sports room
    Staff Nurse ,Cont. Staff Nurse, Cont. iii) To ensure the contents of the First-aid box are replenished at regular intervals and to check the expiry of ointments/ medicines
15 Discipline Mr. Johnny Ahmed , TGT (P & HE), I/C Mr.Mahesh Kumar, PRT, I/C i) To monitor the discipline of students during assembly
    Mrs.Arpana Patil, (Com. Ins.) Cont. Mr.G.Purushodi, ii) To check whether students are attending assembly or not
    Class Teachers PRT. J.Ch.Bordoloi iii) To check the bags of higher class students at regular intervals to ensure that they do not bring mobiles &i-pods to school
      Class Teachers.   
16 Uniform Checking & Late Comers Mr. Johnny Ahmed , TGT (P & HE), I/C Mr. Dushyant , PRT I/C i) To assign duties to the committee members to monitor the uniform of students & late comers
  Mrs.Arpana Patil, (Com. Ins.) Cont. Mrs. Rekha Guleria, PRT, Cont. ii) To inform the parents about regular defaulters
    TGT(Maths),Cont All Class Teachers iii) To maintain the details of defaulters in the register
    All Class teachers   iv) To announce the names of classes with minimum defaulters at the end of the week after consolidation of data
        v) To plan for corrective measures, through skit or talk during morning assembly
17 CMP ,A.V Room,e-Classrooms Mr. Ravi Kumar Chaudhary PGT (CS) Mr.Dushyant, PRT - I/C i) To monitor the use of AV room as per AV room time table
  Mrs.Arpana Patil, (Com. Ins.) Cont. Mrs.Arpana Patil, (Com. Ins.) Cont. ii) To ensure the AV room logbook is maintained
        iii) To ensure Av room Timetable is displayed in the AV room as well as on the door outside
        iv) To collect the e-lessons from teachers for all the subjects and to display the CDs in the AV room for use by other teachers
        v) A catalogue of CDs to be prepared
18 Condemnation Mr H. K. Sharma, UDC -I/C   i) To send notice for stock verification & condemnation of articles.
    Mr. S A Siddqui, PGT (Bio)   ii) To prepare list of checkers.
    Concerned Dept. Head.   iii) To send notice to RO & other schools regarding auction of articles.
  Excursion & Transport Mr. Johnny Ahmed,TGT(PHE) , I/C Mr.Dushyant, PRT i) To coordinate with class teachers in arranging for visits to institutes of higher learning, Research labs or for excursions
19     ii) To give the intimation letters to class teachers for transmission to parents
        iii) To collect the acknowledgement from parents and to file it
        iv) To arrange transport & settle bills
20 Sports Mr. Johnny Ahmed , TGT††† (P & HE), I/C Mr. RajaniKantaBaro, PRT(Music), I/C i) To plan for Annual Sports day for April/ May
      ii) To conduct school level competitions
    Mr. Mahesh Kumar, PRT Mr.Mahesh Kumar , PRT iii) To select students for Regional & National level competitions
        iv) To prepare the Sports report for Regional Newsletter
        v) To issue sports equipments to students
21 Computer     i) To update school website
    Mr. Ravi Kumar Chaudhary, PGT (CS), I/C   ii) To prepare report on e-CTLT
        iii) To update details about ICT infrastructure of the Vidyalaya
    Mrs. Arpana Patil , TGT (Computer Inst.) ,Cont.   iv) To train teachers about the use of Interactive Board
        v) To guide X class teachers in uploading data online in CBSE website
        vi)To ensure the systems in the computer lab are in working condition with the assistance of AMC i/c
22 Medical committee Doctor Mrs.RekhaGuleria, PRT Cont. i) To conduct medical check-up of students & staff twice a year
  Staff Nurse Cont.,I/C PRT, Cont.  ii) To provide medical help whenever required to the students
        iii) To maintain medical records of all students & staff members
        iv) To maintain the medical room
23 CS-11,CS-54,Pay Bill & IT Mr. G.Purushodi PRT, I/C   i) To update CS-11, CS-54
  Mr.Pramod Kr.Sharma,TGT(Skt.)   ii) To prepare & upload pay bill in the stipulated time
        iii) To calculate income tax of all the employees and ensure deduction
24 Photography Mr. Mahesh Kumar ,PRT , I/C   i) To take photographs all events in the Vidyalaya
    Mr.Pramod Kr.Sharma,TGT(Skt.)   ii) To take photos of interesting special items during assembly
    Mr. G.Purushodi PRT   iii) To preserve the soft copies of these photos in folders in the computer lab
        iv) To take prints of minimum 2 photos of each event for display in the Display Board
25 Science Exhibition     i) To inform the students to make working models based on Previous yearís subthemes during summer break
  Mr. S. A. SiddiquiPGT (Bio) , I/C   ii) To collect the phone number of parents who are scientists and to take their help in the beginning of the academic year itself for making an innovative project
        iii) To take help from alumni in making prize winning projects
    PGT(Phy.),Cont.   iv) Students are to be given guidance regarding the models to be made
        v) The write-up for each project also to be made
        vi) Discourage students from making thermocole projects
        vii) Ensure that students feel inspired to make models that are innovative, help them to choose the right project from data collected from the net
        viii) Projects should not be simply replicated from the net
26 Social Science Exhibition TGT(Sst)-Cont. , I/C   i) To give 1st Term project for each class based on the topics for Social sc Exhibition
      ii) Ensure the proper distribution of work to students roll number wise
    Mr. Dushyant, PRT   iii) Choose the appropriate song and dance from the website
        iv) Select the right costumes, take help from parents or other teachers
        v) Monitor the practise schedule of the students, allocate duties to teachers
        vi) Organise an exhibition, select the best projects
27 Teaching Aids Mr.Jiten Chandra Bordolai, TGT (WE), I/C Mr.Dushyant ,PRT Teaching Aids:
      i) To ensure teachers use the available resources
      ii) To maintain a log book for the issue of teaching aids
        iii) To purchase new teaching aids as per fund availability & requirement
28 Green Olympiad National Science Olympiad,†††††††† , Mr .S.A.Siddiqui, PGT (Bio.), I/C   i) To inform students about these competitions
  PGT (Maths), Cont.   ii) To encourage students to participate in these competitions
  Math Olympiad PGT(Phy.),Cont.   iii) To conduct the exam
  Cyber Olympiad     iv) To give a report about the Prize winners to VP in soft copy
29 Purchase Committee Mr. Johnny Ahmed,TGT(PHE), I/C   i) To find out the requirements of various departments
  Mr. Ravi KumarChaudhary, PGT(cs)   ii) To prioritise the items  to be purchased
    Mr. Dushyant†† PRT iii) To prepare estimate of expenditure
    Mr. RajaniKanta†† Baro, PRT(Music)   iv) To put up budget proposal for approval
    I/C Of Department    
30 TLM and worksheets Mr. Ravi KumarChaudhary, PGT(cs), I/C Mr. Dushyant, PRT - I/C  
31 Notice Board and Display Board Mrs. Jaya Hazarika, , Sub Staff , I/C   i) To display the list of holidays, staff list, bell timings, address of KVS RO, HQ
  Mr. Deepak   ii) To display admission related details
32 Hindi Implementation Mr. Shiv Narayan Sharma, PGT (Hindi), I/C   i) To ensure the names of staff members in attendance register is bilingual
  Mr. PramodKumar Sharma, TGT(Sanskrit)   ii) To ensure replies to official letters in Hindi are sent in Hindi
    TGT(Hindi)   iii) To prepare report on Hindi implementation
        iv) To celebrate Hindi Week
33 Scouts/Guides/ Mr.Jiten Chandra Bordolai, TGT (WE),I/C   i) To plan activities for Scouts & guides
  Cubs/Bulbul     ii) To conduct activities during mass PT period
    Mr. G.Purushodi ,PRT   iii) To take up social service activity for the school
        iv) To conduct TritiyaSopan, TritiyaCharan camps in the Vidyalaya
        v) To ensure students maintain log books
34 School Web site Mr. Ravi Kumar Chaudhary PGT (CS), I/C   i) To update all information in the website regularly
        ii) The photo gallery to be updated with latest photographs with captions
    Mrs. Arpana†† Patil , TGT (Computer Inst.) ,Cont.   iii) Any exemplary achievement to be given as flash news
35 Value Education Mr. S. N. Sharma, PGT(Hindi), I/C   i) To ensure activities related to values are incorporated in the morning assembly
    Mr. PramodKumar Sharma, TGT(Sanskrit)   ii) Teachers to give talk on values every Wednesday
    Mrs. Paplee Bordoloi Sharma, PGT(Eng.), Cont.    
36 Minutes of meetings Mrs. Paplee Bordoloi Sharma, PGT(Eng.), Cont., I/C   i) To write the minute of the meeting and to take teachers signature
    TGT(Eng.), Cont.    
37 Alumni Association Mr. Ravi Kumar Chaudhary, PGT(CS), I/C Mr.Dushyant , PRT i) To coordinate between Vidyalaya and alumni for developmental work
    HM ii) To maintain details of alumni in a register
        iii) To conduct alumni meet
38 VMC meetings Mr. Ravi Kumar Chaudhary PGT (CS), I/C   i)To inform and invite VMC members for the meetings.
    Mr.Dushyant , PRT   ii)To arrange for refreshments for such meetings
        iii)To note down the minutes of VMC meetings.
        iv)To arrange for stationery material like files, pens etc and maintain a record of such meetings.
39 AEP Mr. S. N. Sharma, PGT(Hindi), I/C   i) To plan activities for the academic year
    Staff Nurse Cont.   ii) To arrange talk by Gynaecologist for girls
        iii) To educate students about good touch and bad touch
        iv) To maintain record of activities conducted
         v) To address the grievances of adolescent students
40 Parent Teacher Association Mr. Ravi Kumar Chaudhary PGT (CS), I/C Mr.Dushyant , PRT, I/C i) To intimate parents about PTA meetings
      ii) To take the signature of parents attending  the meeting
        iii) To take Parents suggestion during PTA meetings
        iv) To inform parents about the action taken
41 Petty Construction Mr.B.C.Patar TGT (AE), I/C   i) To monitor  petty construction work
  Mr.Jiten Chandra Bordolai, TGT (WE),    
42 Display board House Masters(I/C) All House Masters i) To ensure the display boards are decorated as per the topic given monthly basis
    Associate House Master CCA incharge ii) The articles displayed should be verified by the teachers
43 Rainwater harvesting/watering the plants Mr.B.C.Patar TGT(AE),I/C   i) To ensure the functioning of the unit
      ii) to educate the student about the rain water harvesting system
44 Drinking water facility †† Mr.J.Ch.Bordoloi,TGT(WE)   i) To ensure drinking water is available in the Vidyalaya 24x7
      ii) To send water sample for analysis once in every 3 months
    Mr. Deepak    
45 Petty repairs and day today maintenance of the building †† Mr.J.Ch.Bordoloi,TGT(WE)   i) repair work to be taken up by hiring labour in consultation with the Principal
  Mr. SA Siddiqui, PGT (Bio.), I/C   ii) Coordinate with the class teachers and department incharges for maintaining record of repair work.
  Mr. Mahesh Kr, PRT.   iii) Hiring a carpenter and other necessary personnel for such work.
46 Studentsí council Mr. Johnny Ahmed , TGT (P & HE), I/C   i) To organise investiture ceremony
        ii) To monitor discipline in the Vidyalaya
    TGT (Eng), Cont.   iii) To help in organising Sports day, Annual Day
47 Moderation committee Mr.S.A.Siddiqui, PGT (Bio.), I/C     i) To decidethe action tobe taken forexam relatedqueries
  PGT(Phy.),Cont. Mr.Dushyant, PRT, I/C  
48 Advisory committee Mr.S.N.Sharma PGT (Hindi), I/C Principal , I/C   i) Decisions regarding issuesin the Vidyalaya
  Mr. RajaniKantaBaro, PRT(Music), I/C  
  Mr.Ravi Kr. Chaudhary PGT (CS).    
49 P.A System Mr. Jiten Chandra Bordolai,TGT (WE), I/C    
    Mr. RajaniKantaBaro, PRT(Music)    
    Mr. Johnny Ahmed , TGT (P & HE),    
    Literary club- All language teachers i) To plan activities for the academic year
    Mr. Shiv Narayan Sharma, PGT (Hindi),I/C   ii) To conduct activities a per schedule
        iii) To decorate the display boards with self composed articles/ poems/stories of students
    Mrs. Paplee Bordoloi Sharma, PGT (English), Cont.   iv) To organise literary day
        v) To arrange talk by any famous novelist or writer.
50 Club Activities      
    Eco-club- All EVS teachers i) To plan the club activities
    Mr. B.C.Patar, TGT (AE)I/C   ii) To set up vermicompost pit
        iii) To take up Projects for National Childrens Science Congress
    Art club-   i) To organise Art exhibition
    Mr. B.C.Patar, TGT (AE)I/C     ii) To take up the initiative of decorating the Activity hall
        iii) To design the coverpage for Student Diary, VidyalayaPatrikaetc
    Music Club-   i) To train students in community songs
    Mr.RajaniKantaBaro, PRT(Music), I/C     ii) To train them in Classical music
        iii) To organise Musical Concert
    Craft Club-   i) To train students to make decorative items.
    Mr.B.C.Patar, TGT( AE)I/C     ii) To make best out of waste
        i) To organise craft exhibition
    Science club-   i) To arrange talks by experts
    Mr. S.A.SiddiquiPGT (Bio.) , I/C     ii) To guide students to make Prize winning innovative Projects for Science exhibition
    PGT(Phy.),Cont.   iii) To organise Science exhibition
        iv) To conduct seminars on Science topics
        v) To train students for Science Olympiad
    Maths club- All Maths teachers i) To organise a Mathemagic show
    PGT (Maths) Cont., I/C   ii) To invite experts in the subject from Maths Olympiad cell of IISc
    ICT/ Cyber Club-   i) To train students to design website
    Mr. Ravi Kumar Chaudhary, PGT(CS), I/C   ii) To encourage students to have their blogs
        iii) To train students for cyber olympiad
    Mrs. ArpanaPatil , TGT (Computer Inst.) ,Cont    
    Dance & Drama Club-   i) To organise cultural fest
    Mr. RajaniKantaBaro, PRT(Music), I/C     ii) To invite experts in the field to train the students
    Mrs. BugmeeBaruahPRT, Cont    
    Mr.Dushyant, PRT, I/C      
    PGT (Maths) Cont., I/C      
    Health & wellness Club-   i) To train students in yoga & meditation
    Staff Nurse, Cont., I/C     ii) To organise lectures by Nutritionist, Sports coaches
        iii) To organise summer camp
51 SAFETY & SECURITY Mr. Johnny Ahmed , TGT (P & HE), Mr.Dushyant, PRT, I/C  
52 QUARTER ALL OTMENT Mr.Shiv Narayan Sharma PGT (Hindi). Mr.S.A.Siddiqui,PGT(Bio)  
    †† Mr.J.Ch.Bordoloi,TGT(WE)    
53 MORNING ASSEMBLY (PRI. AND SEC.) Mr.Rajini Kanta Boro PRT (Music)      
    †† Mr.J.Ch.Bordoloi,TGT(WE)    
    Mr. Johnny Ahmed,TGT(PHE)    
    House Masters    
54 LAB (PHYSICS) Mr.Ravi Kr. Chaudhary PGT (CS). PGT(Phy.)  
55 LAB (CHEM) Mr.S.A.Siddiqui,PGT(Bio) Mr.Mahesh Kr. PRT  
56 LAB (BIO) Mr.S.A.Siddiqui,PGT(Bio)    
57 FEES COLLECTION Mr.Ravi Kr. Chaudhary PGT (CS). Mr.Dushyant, PRT, I/C  
Subject Committee:-        
58 English Mrs. Paplee Bordoloi Sharma PGT (English), Cont., I/C      
    TGT (English) ,Cont.    
59 Hindi Mr. Shiv Narayan Sharma, PGT (Hindi), I/C      
    Mr. PramodKumar Sharma, TGT(Skt)    
    TGT(HINDI), CONT.    
60 Maths PGT (Maths),Cont. , I/C      
    TGT (Maths),Cont.    
61 Science Ms. S.A.SiddiquiPGT (Bio.), I/C   -  
62 Social Science TGT(Sst)-Cont. , I/C   -  
    Mr. Dushyant, PRT    
63 Checking Of T.C To Be Class Teacher Of Concerned Classes Class Teachers Of Concerned Classes  
  E-Content/ O Lab Mr. Ravi Kumar Chaudhary, PGT(CS),I/C      
64   Mrs. Arpana†† Patil , TGT (Computer Inst.) ,Cont.    
65 Shivaji House House Master- House Master-  
    Mr. Mahim BorahPGT(Maths),Cont(Sr.) Mrs.RekhaGuleria, PRT, Cont,(Jr.)  
    Asst. House Master- Asst. House Master-  
    Mr.BipulDuarah PGT(Phy.),Cont (Sr) Ms. TrishnaDas,PRT, Cont,(Jr.)  
        (i)                 To ensure the participation of all Students rotation wise in various activities of morning assembly.
66 Tagore House House Master- House Master- (ii)               To ensure the participation of the students of House in CCA programs.
    Mr.S. N.Sharma, PGT(Hindi),(Sr) Ms.Angshumala,PRT, Cont(Jr.) (iii)             To develop the Leadership qualities among the students
    Asst. House Master- Asst. House Master-  
    Ms. Monika Gupta, TGT(Sci.),Cont (Sr.) Mr. Luchan Bora, PRT,Cont. (Jr.)  
67 Ashoka House House Master- House Master-  
    Mrs.Anita Tiwari,TGT Mr.Dushyant ,PRT, (Jr.)  
    Asst. House Master- Asst. House Master-  
    Mr. PramodKumar Sharma, TGT,(Sr.) Mrs. Shipra Ghose, PRT,Cont.(Jr.)  
68 Raman House House Master- House Master-  
    Mr. S.A.SiddiquiPGT(Bio), (Sr.) Mr. Mahesh Kumar, PRT, (Jr)  
    Asst. House Master- Asst. House Master-  
    Mrs.Kulwinder Kaur Khaira,TGT(Maths.), Cont(Sr) Mrs. Rimpa Das, PRT Cont., (Jr.)